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Twelve infants die at Kolkata children's hospital

October 27, 2011 - Kolkata

Atleast 12 infant have died in the last 48 hours at a state-run hospital in Kolkata.

The deaths occurred at the B.C Roy Children's Hospital, which also bears a heavy influx of paediatric patients from outside Kolkata.

According to media reports, until Tuesday, seven deaths had occurred and the rest followed on Wednesday morning with the youngest death being that of a five-day-old baby.

Bereaved families and relatives were seen sitting outside the hospital gates, lamenting their decision to choose the hospital for the treatment of the infants.

An uncle of a deceased infant, Nasir Ali Mandal, said hospital staff was negligent in administering care to his nephew who was admitted two days ago.

"He was admitted here for a day and was put on saline. After administering about 100 ml, somehow with a push or so, the saline came off. We requested the nurse to put it back but she refused and instead threw the entire saline away. Later, I went out to buy the saline and put it up myself," said Mandal.

Meanwhile, in a bid to calm rampant speculations, hospital superintendent D.K Paul ruled out reports of negligence on the part of staff or authorities.

Paul said that deceased babies were brought in extremely critical conditionand their chances of survival were already low.

"The majority deaths are below two months and mostly are the low birth and pre-mature babies having very low weight; with infective condition like septicaemia and only few have Pneumonia and some with congenial heart disease," said Paul.

The hospital superintendent also defended the administration by informing that their medical facilities are updated with latest equipments and natal units that are fully dedicated to infant care.

"The main reason is that babies are being referred from outskirts or districts from outside Kolkata in a very poor state and we are not referring to other hospitals. We are admitting all of them. In our capacity, we are trying our best but we are sorry that all could not survive," said Paul.

Later, he added that all deaths would be thoroughly investigated.


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