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The politics behind Baba Ramdev's mercurial BP swings

June 11, 2011 - Dehradun (Uttaranchal)

After politics on corruption , it is now Baba Ramdev's health which has become an issue of brickbatting among political leaders.

The fluctuating graph of the Baba's health has not only led to curiosity and uncertainty, but has also caused a lot of worry to his followers.

Sharda Prasad, a follower standing outside the Jolly Grant Hospital here, said: "How come that the Baba's health was stable at around 4:40 p.m.yesterday, and after sunset, it started to deteriorate".

Another follower Shanti Devi said , " Our Baba is Yogiraj....and nothing untoward can happen to him."

However, at the Jolly Grant Hospital, not more than a dozen sympathizers are standing to get an update on the Baba's health.

"Is it surprising or a fact ...god knows....but when the Baba 's health is in precarious condition, then at least hundred people must have gathered outside the hospital to express their solidarity with him in the so-called crusade against corruption," said Ramavtar Singh , an attendent of a patient hospitalized in Jolly Grant.

He asks: "Has the crusade lost its steam in the wake of corruption charges against the Baba himself !"

Meanwhile, today's first health bulletin was something very different from what the Baba's media camp had earlier spread in media. Last night , one SMS released by S K Tijarawala, the spokesman of Baba Ramadev, revealed that the Baba's Blood Pressure had dipped and reached a dangerous much so that he was shifted to a Special ICU unit.

But the morning health bulletin released by Dr.Deepak Goyal of Jolly Grant Hospital, said the Baba's health is stable and there was nothing to worry about. owever, the frequent ups and downs in the Baba's health has led to some suspicion in the Congress camp who alleges that it is all stage managed.

Meanwhile, the Congress unit in Uttarakhand has upped its ante and charged the state government of playing politics with the Baba's health.

Harak Singh Rawat, Leader of the Opposition in the Uttarakhand Assembly, questioned the need for holding a BJP core committee meeting at LK Advani's residence, and the coincidence of the Baba's health suddenly taking a downturn simultaneously.

Harak Singh Rawat has demanded that Centre should immediately intervene and get the Baba examined by a panel of independent doctors.

Meanwhile, to whip up sentiments in the Baba's favour, acolytes of Ramdev have started sending SMSs to common people .

One such SMS read-Swamiji apne liye nahi , balki voh hamare aane wale khus-haal kal ke liye upvaas kar rahe hai, kya aap ghar par baithe rahenge? Ky aap Swamiji ko balidaan hone denge." ( Swamiji is on fast not for himself but for our future...will you just sit at home ? Will you allow the sacrifice of Swamiji.)

Only time will tell how much these SMSs will bring people out onto the streets in the Baba's support, but the fact remains that the Baba is being closely monitored by doctors. By Pankaj Choudhary


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