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Ramdev defends statement on arming protesters

June 9, 2011 - Haridwar

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, who said yesterday that he would raise an army, clarified that this 'army' would only be for 'self-defence'.

"The words should be used in the right context...I said I will make a force who will not beat anyone but they will not get beaten either. What is the harm or wrong if I speak about shaurya (valour)?" he said.

On Wednesday he had said "Next time at Ramlila, it will be Ravanlila. Let's see who gets beaten up."

"Twenty youth from each region will come forward for the fight against corruption. These young people should be 35-40 years old. Not only men, young women must also join them. They must be dedicated, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. They will be given arms training. We will build an army of 11,000 men and women," he added.

Ramdev also threatened the government with dire consequences if they took action against his supporters.

"After training them in religious texts and handling of arms and then we would see that when at the Ramleela ground, 'Ravanleela' would take place then who runs away after getting a beating," said Ramdev.

Meanwhile, with questions being raised over the source of his funds, his numerous trusts and firms and links to about 200 companies through which the yoga teacher reportedly makes about Rs 180 crore every year, Ramdev announced that he would declare his assets this evening

"We will come out with financial details of Patanjali Yogapeeth and all our companies by Thursday evening. We will upload it on our website also," Ramdev's close aide Balkrishna told reporters.

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh had questioned how Ramdev had amassed so much of assets and demanded a probe into it.

Baba Ramdev was on a hunger strike against corruption along with 65,000 followers when the police, on the government's orders, decided to dismantle the elaborate camp that had been set up at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan.

The Baba was caught dressed as a woman, while heading away from the camp towards the railway station.

A special plane took him to Dehradun and from there he was taken to his Patanjali Ashram in Haridwar by road. He continues with his fast-unto death.


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