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Political leaders supporting my fast unto death campaign: Ramdev

May 6, 2011 - Nashik

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, who has vowed to fast unto death in New Delhi on June 4 as part of the 'Bhrastachar Mitao Satyagrah', a drive to remove corruption, on Friday said the political leaders are supporting his campaign.

"I have the support of all political parties, besides anti-corruption crusader and noted social worker Anna Hazare. I am discussing my fast unto death with different political parties," said Ramdev.

Demanding that the black money deposited in foreign banks be brought back, Ramdev will sit on his 'satyagraha' at the Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi.

"From 4th June, I along with more one lakh people will sit for a hunger strike in the Bhrastachar Mitao Satyagrah till our demands are accepted. As a protestor, we will take part in this movement," Ramdev told a news conference in Mumbai on Wednesday.

"We are demanding three things from the government in the Bhrastachar Mitao Satyagrah which is starting on 4th June. First demand is the 400 lakh crore rupees that is the black money and has been looted from the country, it belongs to India and should be brought back to the country," he added.

The Yoga Guru further said his movement seeks the early establishment of a neutral and empowered Jan Lokpal Bill, which has the authority to recover black money and send offenders to prison.

"The black money that is deposited in the foreign banks should be declared national property by the government, and no Indian citizen should be allowed to deposit money in foreign banks with illegal methods. If anybody does that, he should be declared an anti-national," he added.


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