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Pakistan must stop being a 'breeding ground' for extremism: Russian envoy

June 11, 2011 - New Delhi

Pakistan must stop being a breeding ground for extremism and its government should act firmly against such elements emanating from its soil, Russia's ambassador to India has said.

In an exclusive interview with ANI held on the sidelines of an event to celebrate Russia's National Day, Ambassador Alexander M Kadakin said: "Our message to Pakistan is to live in peace and harmony with all its neighbours. That is, to stop being the breeding ground (of militancy)."

He further added: "Well, you know, we have been resolutely condemning the acts of terrorism wherever from they originate, whether from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chechnya, or any other place. So, that is why, well we are against terrorism, and of course, we are against the hotbeds, the warm houses and the hatcheries of terrorism. That is why with India, we are one."

Referring to developments back home, especially the situation in Chechnya, Ambassador Kadakin said: "There is peace in Chechnya now, but we had the facts when the terrorists came, those who were trained in the territory of Afghanistan or Pakistan and in some other places. Well, but we think that together with India, if we work together to eradicate this horrible, cancerous phenomenon, then we shall succeed."

He also emphasized that relations between India and Russia were now closer than ever, and added that both countries were on the same platform when discussing and resolving bilateral and multilateral issues.

"I think that the close relations between India and Russia will become even closer because we are facing the same challenges of today's world, Russia as well as India, and we share our views on all the major world issues especially on the combat of terrorism, international threats and challenges like drugs, crime, organised crime, piracy, That is why, our relations will only get closer," Ambassador Kadakin said. By Praful Kumar Singh


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