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No special favors for Kalmadi in Tihar: Delhi Police

May 5, 2011 - New Delhi

The former chairman of the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee, Suresh Kalmadi, now imprisoned in Delhi's Tihar Jail, is not receiving any special treatment, police officials here said.

Presently lodged in Jail Number 4, Kalmadi spent the night in a separate cell in the dormitory surrounded by other accused, including Olympic Committee Joint Director General (Sport) A.S.V Prasad and Deputy Director General (Procurement) Surjit Lal

According to prison officials, Kalmadi has not been provided with any additional facilities like an air conditioner or a bed. He has also not put forth any special demands.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police (Tihar Prisons) R. N Sharma said Kalmadi is keeping to his normal routine by eating simple food and performing everyday chores at the prison but is facing medical problems.

"Mr. Kalamdi came yesterday. He has not put forth any special demand. He stayed at his cell during the night. It is a small cell of 10X12 measurements. There is a small toilet attached to it. We have provided a television set to him. He is facing some medical problems because he is highly diabetic. He is receiving his regular treatment. There is no shortage for his regular treatment. He has been provided with food from within the premises. There has been no special demand from his side to us," said Sharma.

Meanwhile, Kalmadi is keeping a low profile and has not attracted any special attention by other regular inmates.

"No reaction so far. In other jails also, we have such high profile inmates. So, there has been no special reaction from any inmate. They (high-profile inmates) have been kept in safe and secure custody, kept separately from hardened criminals. That is all," said Sharma.

The routine followed by Kalamdi is said to be basic like that meant for others. The menu includes roti, dal twice a day and a biscuit with tea in evening.

"At 6 a.m, each inmates come out from their dormitories for roll call, to assure the count of prisoners is exact to the ones lodged last night. The next one hour is for morning prayer and exercise. At 7 a.m. he gets breakfast, which has tea, bread and vegetable. Then at 7-8 a.m. all those prisoners who are supposed to go the court, they are sent in cars. They are escorted by the police to different (respective) courts," Sunil Gupta, law officer and spokesperson, Tihar Prisons.

Gupta said inmates including Kalmadi are required to attend moral teaching classes held every evening.

"At 12-3 p.m. is time to take rest. They are shut in their dormitories where they can watch television or read. At 3.30 p.m., the prisoners get tea and biscuit that is called afternoon tea. From 4-6 p.m. moral teaching classes are held," said Gupta.

Kalmadi met his wife and son this morning, a day after he was sent to 14-day judicial custody along with his aides.

Kalmadi, Prasad and Lal were arrested by the CBI on April 25 for allegedly awarding an illegal contract to a Swiss firm for the timing-scoring-result system of CWG last year, causing a loss of Rs 95 crore to the exchequer. By Pooja Shali


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