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Moily backs Karnataka Governor Bharadwaj's action

January 22, 2011 - Bangalore

Backing Karnataka Governor H R Bharadwaj for sanctioning prosecution of Chief Minister B S Yeddyruppa, Union Law Minister Veerappa Moily on Saturday said corruption and nepotism is on record in the state.

Talking to reporters here, Moily said: "Everyone is equal before law....the Chief Minister does not enjoy immunity (from prosecution). Everything is on record about corruption and nepotism of Yeddyurappa government."

"It is not the governor who will decide the case. Ultimately, it is for the judiciary to do that but Governor has the authority to sanction prosecution against Chief Ministers," he added.

Moily's remarks came after Home Minister P Chidambaram criticised the BJP for its attack on Bhardwaj for granting sanction to prosecute the Chief Minister.

In a statement issued here, Chidambaram said: "It is not the first time that a Governor has given his sanction to prosecute a Chief Minister. This is not correct and is totally unacceptable."

Chidambaram further said that the law in respect of a Governor giving sanction to prosecute a Chief Minister or a Minister is clear and well-settled.

Taking a dig at BJP, Chidambaram said he was glad to note that the party no longer says that "the alleged transgressions of law in Karnataka are only immoral and not illegal."


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