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Madras Regiment to take over guard duties at Rashtrapati Bhavan

May 6, 2011 - New Delhi

The 15th Battalion of the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Regiment shall handover the charge of Ceremonial Army Guard Battalion at Rashtrapati Bhavan to the 28th Battalion of the Madras Regiment at a ceremonial 'Change of Guard Ceremony' on Friday morning.

The ceremony shall take place on Raisina Hill and inside the Iron Gate of Rashtrapati Bhavan at 8 a.m. during which the commanding officers of the incoming and outgoing battalions shall exchange charge.

The 15 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles have been posted at Rashtrapati Bhavan since October 2009. The Jammu and Kashmir Rifles were raised in Jan 1976 at Dhana, Madhya Pradesh.

The incoming 28 Madras is one of the oldest and most decorated Regiments of the Indian Army. It was raised in 1758, as the Madras Army. The regiment was re-raised in 1941 and then in 1947, was designated as the Madras Regiment.

The visitors will be allowed free entry to view this ceremony and seating arrangements have been made. Parking facilities will be at Vijay Chowk.

The President's Body Guard (PBG) is the seniormost Regiment of the Indian Army and shall also take part in the 'Changing of Guard Ceremony'.

Raised in 1773 as the Governor General's Body Guard, this horsed cavalry unit is specifically tasked for ceremonial duties of the President of India.

As a consequence, it is permanently located at the President's Estate. Troops of the PBG are expert horsemen, para-troopers and qualified tankmen.


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