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Lack of maritime coordination led to 26/11 Mumbai attacks, says Navy Chief

August 20, 2011 - New Delhi

The 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks took place because the concerned maritime security wings like the Indian Navy, Coast Guard and allied agencies operated in isolation, according to Navy Chief Admiral Nirmal Verma.

Admiral Verma said this after the launch and commissioning of the newly built stealth frigate INS Satpura at the Mazgaon Dock Limited in Mumbai.

"Indian Navy had been pursuing the proposal for a National Maritime Commission, and when that did not fall in place, we were looking forward to the appointment of a Maritime Security Adviser, which unfortunately also did not progress or get instituted," Admiral Verma said.

"So, that is one reason I would say that each one of us was operating in isolation and that could be one of the major factors, which led to 26/11 when it happened," he added.

Admiral Verma further commented on the way Indian Navy deals with hijacking of ships by pirates.

He also said that the Indian Navy has been undertaking measures to prevent any incidents of ships going beyond Indian territories.

"The Navy and the Coast Guard along with the state police have put in tremendous amount of effort to carry out these coastal awareness campaigns. Intention being that over a period of a year, to not only visit each coastal village, but you also visit every landing site possible and make the fisherman aware of you know the situation that prevails at sea," Admiral Verma said.


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