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Himachal Zoo successfully running animal adoption scheme

November 30, 2011 - Shimla

An animal adoption scheme launched by the Himalayan Nature Park in Shimla with an endeavour to involve participation of animal lovers in the upkeep of the zoo inmates has been running successfully and seeing more participation each year.

As per the scheme, any citizen, family, institute or corporate organisation can adopt a zoo animal for a day, month, three months or for a year and even three years or five years, by bearing the cost of the animal's food and routine care.

Forest officer R.K. Raj said that the scheme was started three years back with the aim of creating awareness among people to safeguard the environment and animals.

"We had started an animal adoption scheme, which has been quite successful. Under this scheme, any person can adopt an animal. We have noted down the cost of feeding of every animal each year and that cost is paid by the person, who adopts the animal, this is also beneficial for the government. Even the person feels satisfied that he or she is feeding the animal daily and the animal has been adopted by me," said Raj.

Animals, which can be adopted, are western tragopan, snow leopard, brown bear, Tibetan wolf and barking dear.

On their part, the visitors to the zoo expressed their happiness as they take care of the wild animals and they are happy with this scheme and said that animal lovers should take advantage of this.

"We visited the zoo and learned that animals like snow leopard, black and brown bears are being sponsored by various companies. We are happy that private companies and people are adopting animals and are providing money to look after them," said Anita Thakur, a visitor.

The annual adoption slabs range from rupees 7,000 to rupees 30,000 for different animals.

All these figures are for the annual upkeep, including the feed and medicare of the animals.


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