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Govt. committed to enactment of strong and effective Lokpal Bill: Manmohan Singh (re-issue)

August 20, 2011 - New Delhi

The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, on Saturday said the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government is committed to the enactment of a strong and effective anti-corruption Lokpal Bill.

Dr. Singh said the government would like a broad national consensus to emerge on the issue.

"We are all in favour of a Lokpal which is strong, which is effective and therefore there is a lot of scope for give and take. Our hope is that we can enlist the cooperation of all thinking segments of Indian public opinion to ensure that the end product is a strong and effective Lokpal which all sections of our community want," the Prime Minister said.

"I hope that people will appreciate that there is a dynamic legislative process, which takes time sometimes, to get over. But for that we must all work together to push forward the case for a strong and effective Lokpal and whatever obstacles comes in the way, we should remove them," he added.

Dr. Singh's comment comes after the central government cleared its stand over the implementation of the Lokpal Bill and urged social activist Anna Hazare to come forward to discuss contents of his 'Jan Lokpal Bill' to resolve the contentious issue.

The government had first imprisoned Hazare in New Delhi's Tihar Jail on August 16, then ordered his release, and finally, when he refused to leave from jail, granted him permission to stage his fast for 15 days at Ramlila ground, a prominent protest site in the national capital.

Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid had earlier suggested that Team Anna should discuss their version of the Lokpal Bill with the government panel and both together should thereafter make the changes in it.

"The private members bill is a system under which any member could bring his suggestion in front of the Parliament, then on which parliament present its votes. If it would get votes, then that suggestion would become law," Khurshid had said.

"But it happens very rarely because when a discussion takes place over the private member's bill, then the ministers give assurance that they would include the suggestions in their law to address their fear," he had added.


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