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Governor Bhardwaj advocates for effective Lokayukta in Karnataka

October 8, 2011 - Bangalore

Karnataka Governor H R Bhardwaj on Saturday said that in order to effectively combat the rising corruption in the state, it was important to have a strong and an effective Lokayukta.

Bhardwaj said that there is no delay on his part on the appointment of a new Lokayukta in Karnataka.

"At midnight I was informed that they have to appoint a Lokayukta (Ombudsman), I told my staff, that whenever the file comes, receive it and the moment I come in my office it should be placed before me. So it was cleared in a record time of five to six hours. I don't delay my papers. My table is clear and no government paper is pending," Bhardwaj told media persons on the sidelines of the Indian Air Force's 79th anniversary function in Bangalore.

Bhardwaj further said that a couple of names were making the rounds for the post of the Lokayukta. He, however, expressed his disappointment over the proposed name of NK Sodhi.

"There are only speculating two names, one is Manhoor Mat, former chief justice of Kerala and the other name strangely I don't know why N K Sodhi's name is mentioned. He is not from here at all. He is serving in SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) nowadays. But that is total lack of application of mind. They should select Lokayukta of Karnataka after the Hedge experience we expect high standards. So I am waiting for that," said Bhardwaj.

"I am not very happy, I want a Supreme court judge if possible. There are so many who are demitting office. They (state Government) can conveniently ask the Chief Justice of India to give a good name. Otherwise why do you have a Lokayukta? Now throughout the country the institution of Lokpal and Lokayukta has significance now. So if you want to appoint then let us take a lead, and so that Karnataka again has a very distinguished Lokpal," he added.

Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Shivaraj V. Patil resigned from his post on September 19 following the controversy over allotment of housing sites for him and his wife.

Patil faced allegations of violating rules by securing allotment of a 9,600 square foot site at Judicial Employees Layout in 1994 and his wife a 4,200 sq ft site at Nagavara from the Vyalikaval Housing Cooperative Society.


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