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GlobalCompliancePanel Announces its 3rd India Seminar on `Validation of Methods and Processes’ by Dr. Steven Kuwahara at the Leela Kempenski Mumbai, 5-7 December 2011

November 30, 2011 - Bangalore, Karnataka, India

GlobalCompliancePanel, a leading online training gateway headquartered in Delaware, US, has announced the third live seminar in its FDA India series. Entitled Validation of Methods and Processes, the seminar will be held at the Leela Kempenski Hotel, Mumbai, from December 5th to 7th, 2011. Aimed at addressing the needs of Indian small molecule drug companies, biologic companies and API and generics manufacturers; this seminar will cover: Regulatory Requirements for Validation, Validation Master Plans, Risk-Based Validation, Cleaning and Sterility, Equipment Qualifications, Test Method Validation, Process Validation, Validation Deviation Reporting and Resolution and Vendor Qualification Auditing.

GlobalCompliancePanel delivers high quality regulatory & compliance trainings through a broad range of channels including web based/onsite trainings, consulting, seminars & conferences. This seminar comes in succession of its highly successful previous two offerings this year which attracted several sponsors and a large attendee base from leading pharmaceutical and life science companies in India.

CEO speak…

Offering his perspective about the seminar, Satisha Narahari Murthy, Founder & CEO had this to say: “During the past three years, GlobalCompliancePanel, a NetZealous company, has been offering strong support in the form of knowledge enhancement to the many segments for whom compliance is indispensable. These include the Pharma, biologics and medical devices industries. In doing so, GlobalCompliancePanel has become their complete source for knowledge sharing on industry best practices. The backbone of our exclusive services is a combination of a very high level of expertise our panel of experts brings to the table. Our panel of 100+ global trainers apart, we also impart the expertise of industry veterans who know the complete complexity of areas like regulatory compliances, corporate governance, risk management and quality management. When a panel of such highly knowledgeable professionals interact on a day to day basis with our customers, the result is predictable –the prestigious standing GlobalCompliancePanel enjoys among professionals in the industry.”

Speaking on GlobalCompliancePanel’s previous such endeavours, Mr Murthy says, “The overwhelming success with which GlobalCompliancePanel’s webinars have been received has shown us the way. This success has motivated us to carry it on to a new stage, namely classroom seminars. One of our partner speakers, Dr. Steven S. Kuwahara, Founder and Principal, GXP Biotechnology, will conduct this seminar. I am confident that this third seminar in the India seminar series will bring together the pharmaceutical industry’s thought leaders, established players and prospective customers. I believe that this interaction would facilitate a better understanding of validation methods and processes.”

About the speaker

Dr. Kuwahara has spent over three decades as an analytical biochemist. He has held certifications as a CQA, CQT, and CQE from the American Society of Quality and is an RAC from the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society. He has had extensive experience in quality control in the pharmaceutical industry. The areas on which he has worked in the past include proteins, small molecules, gene therapy and cells. He has written many research papers and book chapters.

Dr. Kuwahara has been a respectable and popular speaker at several industry conferences. He has worked on all aspects of GMP and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) relating to biopharmaceuticals. Among the companies and publications in which he serves on the editorial advisory boards are BioQuality, BioPharm and the Journal of GXP Compliance.

On being one of GlobalCompliancePanel’s expert speakers, Dr. Kuwahara says, “GlobalCompliancePanel has its ears to the ground when it comes to getting a proper and full grasp of what its customers need from time to time. In tune with it, its webinars provide world-class training to them. Using the experience of these webinars, these professionals increase their productivity and professional growth. I believe these webinars and seminars go a long way in augmenting the professional quality of GlobalCompliancePanel’s customers.”

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About NetZealous

GlobalCompliancePanel belongs to the NetZealous Group of Companies. NetZealous is an organization which provides its customers with continuous professional education & expert services for varied industries through focused portals. Its flagship portal for the FDA regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical Devices, biologics and food is GlobalCompliancePanel.

Through another of its brands, TrainHR, it serves the human resources departments and professionals across all industries. Its latest addition, MentorHealth, focuses on the healthcare industries such as hospitals, labs & care facilities.

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