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Email & SMS Channel Forms the Baseline for 86% of Marketers in India - Reports Octane Marketing

February 22, 2011 - New Delhi, Delhi, India

With the growth in the digital medium and increasing penetration of mobile and broadband in India, 86% of leading marketers in India confirmed their use of e-marketing channel (Email & SMS) as the most vital client engagement platform.

With the launch of the latest research report from Octane Marketing, Annual India e-Marketing 2011, the company intends to share information on acceptance of e-marketing platform among Indian marketers. According to the report, for majority of Indian marketers (97%) Email & SMS platform proved its effectiveness in the usage and a substantial number of marketers (34%) are using this platform for daily communications with their audiences.

Speaking about the report, Mr. Sankarson Banerjee, CIO, India Infoline said “This report is a good initiative by Octane. The projections made in report are in-line with our expectations from the Indian industry. I will not be surprised to see Indian marketers using this report as a benchmark for making marketing decisions on e-marketing platform for 2011. ”

Talking about report it also highlights on the impact multi-channel communication (Email, SMS & social media). 82% of marketers believe that there is indeed a synergy in integrated service offering to customers. In terms of budget allocation for 2011, the report reflects that 72% of Indian marketers have plans to increase investments in e-Marketing platform. Out of this, a good 35% of the marketers indicated that they have plans to increase their e-Marketing investments in 2011 by more than 11%.

Mr. Samarth Saxena, co-founder & COO, Octane Marketing said “The Annual India e-Marketing 2011 - Report presents a dynamic view of the current thinking and future prospects of e-marketing platform. With the launch of report we intend to capture a snapshot of this change.” This being the first such report of its kind, the company intends to build over the research findings and come out with more insightful reports and has a genuine desire to share it back with the marketing community in India.

About Octane

Octane is an easy to use marketing messaging platform designed to increase email and SMS marketing ROI faster than any other medium. It is India’s first integrated marketing solution to offer SMS, email, and social media messaging both in an online (on-demand) or onsite (office premise) edition. This solution includes powerful analytics, subscriber list builder, list management, Google Analytics integration, social media integration, rich set of APIs, IP reputation, Safe listing and professional-level training and support. Octane ( is headquartered in New Delhi.

Source: Business Wire India


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