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Digvijay Singh says allegation against Kejriwal of fund misuse is serious

October 24, 2011 - Lucknow

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has said that the allegation made by Swami Agnivesh against Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal about funds being diverted to the latters's NGO is a serious matter.wami Agnivesh had earlier questioned the use of funds donated by the public, claiming that the money deposited in the trust run by Kejriwal lacks credibility.

"Swami Agnivesh has also been a member of the Anna Team. Arvind Kejriwal is also a member of the Anna Team. Anna Hazare made the 'India Against Corruption', which wants to bring the Jan Lokpal Bill. Money was collected for that purpose. Now Agnivesh has levied this serious charge that Kejriwal diverted the money that was collected for India Against Corruption to his own personal NGO, the members of which are not the ones in the Anna Team. This is a serious allegation," Singh told the media here.

Singh also went on to state that since the government had agreed to all of Team Anna's demands regarding the Ombudsman Bill, then there was no need to pass Team Anna's version of the bill as against the government's version.

"When Annaji broke his fast, he did not make the Prime Minister's inclusion an issue. He did not make an issue of including the judiciary. Nor did he make an issue of including the CAG, CVC or CBI into it. The issue he made was to include the 50 million employees of the government. We agreed to that as well. We also agreed to adopt the Citizens Charter to every department and ministry. We also agreed to make model Lokayuktas (provincial ombudsman) in the states. When all the demands have been accepted then what is this need to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill? A political issue has been made out of it," he said.

Swami Agnivesh on Sunday questioned the use of donation funds by the public, claiming that the money deposited in the trust run by Kejriwal lacks the names of major team members from the trustee list.

He also alleged that Kejriwal has siphoned off the donation money to India Against Corruption (IAC), headed by Hazare, by diverting it to a Public Cause Research Foundation trust run by him.

"Anna Hazare's name does not figure in the list of trustees of the PCRF. Justice Santosh Hegde who has a very clean public image, even his name is not there in the list of trustees. So, names of the main people who were associated with the movement against corruption do not feature in the list of trustees and this arouses suspicion as Hazare did not want the entire donation which was being received in the name of existing organisation be received in the name of Kejriwal or his close associates," said Agnivesh.


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