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Computer operator from Bihar winner of rupees five crore in KBC

November 3, 2011 - Mumbai

In a first ever in the history of Kaun Banega Crorepati, (KBC) Sushil Kumar a computer operator from Bihar's Motihari town of East Champaran district became the maiden winner of rupees five crore prize in the episode telecasted on November 2.

In the final moments before he won the coveted jackpot, Kumar held a glass of water with clenched fists as all his hopes, dreams and aspirations rested on the answer on the computer screen. While in the backdrop, his family was seen chanting silent prayers for his victory.

A wave of electric excitement reverberated through the audience as an excited Bachchan sprang from his seat and hugged a dazed Kumar before declaring him the winner of rupees five crores, the grand prize.

Recalling his emotionally charged 'dream-come-true' moment, Kumar said he could not explain his feelings in words.

"I cannot explain the beauty of that moment in words. Everything was so surreal and unbelievable that I poured out an entire glass of water on my head when I was declared the winner. The feeling of joy and exhilaration I felt when Mr. Amitabh Bachchan declared me as the winner of the jackpot is beyond words. You can imagine how important Rs five crore are for someone like me, who runs a family with a meager salary of Rs 6000 a month," said Kumar.

Hailing from the Motihari town of Bihar, Kumar works as a computer operator in a government office at a monthly salary of Rs. 6,000.

He also claims to have watched the episodes of the show at a neighbour's house because his family was too poor to afford a television set.

However, with a gleam of confidence in his eyes, Kumar maintained he was always 'sure' of winning at least Rs 25 lakh if he managed to secure an entry into the game.

"No, when I first came to the show, I never thought I would win the jackpot of Rs five crores. However, I somehow always felt I could win at least Rs 25 lakh to Rs 50 lakh. When I used to watch the show on television, I was always able to solve the questions till the Rs 25 lakh mark, so I believed if I could somehow reach the hotseat of the show, I would definitely win at least Rs 25 lakh," he added.

Kumar's win drew comparisons with the plot of 2008 Oscar-winning film 'Slumdog Millionaire' and, like its fictional protagonist Jamal, the 27-year-old also saw the TV show as an escape from penury.

Meanwhile, having created history at the show, Kumar also had a word of advice for future contestants dreaming of winning the grand prize at KBC.

"The experts who are called in for the show are truly marvelous. They are aware of everything under the sun. That is why my genuine advice to all future contestants of the show is to keep this option open till the very end. This lifeline must only be used at a time when you genuinely run out of options."

Kumar's unprecedented win at the KBC drew applause across the country, with people from all walks of life celebrating his victory as their own.

Despite winning the jackpot Kumar has not yet made any grand plans with the prize, besides repairing his house, fulfilling a few basic needs and moving to New Delhi to study for the Indian civil service exams.

Kumar takes home a total of Rs. 3.50 crore after tax deductions.


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