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China's primary school sex education book angers parents over p*rn like content

August 20, 2011 - New Delhi

China's first sex education textbook for primary school students, which is set to be launched in Beijing, has sparked controversy among parents over its direct description of sexual intercourse.

The controversial passage in the textbook titled Growing Steps read: "To let sperm find the ovum as soon as possible, dad inserts his pe**s into mom's va**ina at full tilt and the sperm enters mom's va**ina."

The passage also appears with illustrations of the intercourse-engaged pe**s and va**ina in the first part for students aged six to seven years old, reports China Daily.

"It's too much for children. Is that simply p*rn pictures for kids? It is not healthy," said a mother surnamed Liu, who worries that the material be too mature for her eight-year-old.

Liu's concerns are echoed by many parents in a country that has never before offered sex education to primary school students, said 33-year-old mother Wu Ou, deputy chief editor of China's popular science website

"It's not wrong to describe sex in direct ways, but the sentences in the book are too rude, and it's even banned from our website," Wu stated.

The wording should be tenderer and more beautiful in the books for children, she said.

The trial run for the books written by experts at the Beijing Sex Health Education Research Association is set to begin in 18 schools in the coming semester.


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