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Centre's conditions for allowing Hazare's hunger strike 'unreasonable': Prashant Bhushan

August 14, 2011 - New Delhi

Senior lawyer and member of the committee constituted for the Lokpal Bill, Prashant Bhushan, has expressed displeasure over the conditional permission granted by the Delhi Police for veteran social activist Anna Hazare's indefinite hunger strike.

Hazare is set to observe a fast-unto-death in New Delhi from August 16 to oppose the version of the Lokpal Bill drafted by the government, which has kept the Prime Minister, judiciary and lawmakers out of its ambit.

Bhushan said that conditions imposed by the government for allowing the fast are 'unreasonable and undemocratic'.

"The kind of conditions that the government has imposed for allowing this fast are totally unreasonable and totally unconstitutional and constitute a violation of fundamental rights of people," Bhushan said.

"In any democratic country people have the fundamental right to gather and protest. The Supreme court has said that for the police or any authority to require people to take prior permission for protesting is totally unconstitutional," he added.

The Delhi Police has denied permission to Hazare to hold the fast at Jantar Mantar, and offered him Jaiprakash Narain Park about five kilometers away as the alternative venue.

Police have also curtailed the protest time to a maximum of three days.

Bhushan said that if police tries to remove Hazare forcibly then it would lead to more unpleasant consequences.

"These conditions are totally unacceptable, if this conditions are not withdrawn then Anna had made it very clear that he will go and sit either in Jantar Mantar or some other place and thereafter, if police tries to remove him forcibly then it will lead to more unpleasant consequences," he said.

"It will lead to a civil disobedience movement and perhaps a jail Bharo Andolan in the whole country," he added.


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