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Bollywood wants real life to follow reel life, supports Hazare campaign

April 8, 2011 - New Delhi/Mumbai

Bollywood fraternity has come out in full support of social activist Anna Hazare, who is continuing his fast-unto-death for the fourth day today to push the government into introducing a tough new law to curb corruption among politicians and bureaucrats

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher, along with filmmaker Pritish Nandy, showed up at the Jantar Mantar here to express solidarity with 72-year-old Hazare

Anupam Kher said that corruption has to be fought in real life, just as injustice is fought in reel life. Just like we fight against injustice in reel life and there is victory of good over evil at the end, we have to fight against corruption and injustice in real life too. People's power should prevail," Kher said.

"I have come here not as a film star, but as a citizen of the country. We are here to support Anna. I request Sachin Tendulkar, Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan to extend their support," he added.

Meanwhile, extending his support Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan said he would always back issues that benefit the country and also called upon the media to commit themselves to the cause.

"I shall always be supportive of any issue which benefits the nation. I do not have to preach and shout out my allegiance towards my country from the rooftop every day. My loyalty is not up for questioning and is not most certainly in a realm where it can be doubted," Bachchan wrote on his blog.

Actor Aamir Khan has also pitched his voice in favour of the Gandhian, saying the ountry should extend greater support to Anna Hazare's struggle for a strong anti-corruption law than it did to the Indian Cricket Team's quest for the World Cup.

In a letter to the social activist, who is on fast unto death demanding that the government co-opt the civil society in drafting the Lokpal Bill, the actor said the struggle against corruption was "infinitely more important, and affects each and every one of us".

Meanwhile, Union Human Resource and Development Minister Kapil Sibal met Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh for the second time today to end the stalemate over the Jan Lokpal Bill issue.


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