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BJP slams Mayawati Government over land acquisition issue

July 20, 2011 - New Delhi

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday criticised the Mayawati-led government in Uttar Pradesh for misusing its administrative powers in acquiring land and lower than estimated rates.

Party spokesman Muktar Abbas Naqvi told mediapersons here that Mayawati and the land mafias in Uttar Pradesh have betrayed and looted the farmers of the state.

"The land acquisition issue is getting important day by day and if 80 percent loot has been done by Mayawati then the remaining 20 percent of loot has been decided earlier by Mulayam Singh Yadav and one after another the land acquisitions scams are coming in front of us now. One thing is very clear that Uttar Pradesh government with land mafias have betrayed farmers and looted farmers and after the verdict of High Court and Supreme court, the lands now have been given back to them," said Naqvi.

He also claimed that the state government had ruined the region during its rule of nearly four years.

The Allahabad High Court on Tuesday quashed the acquisition of land on grounds that it was acquired with the help of the 'urgency clause', when there was no need for it to be used.

The court, however, deferred the hearing on Noida extension villages till July 26. It was to hear 220 pleas related to land acquisition in Yakubpur and Roza villages in Greater Noida.

The builders and flat aspirants were said to be very confused over the Noida Extension land acquisition issue.

Around three dozens of farmers have approached the Allahabad High Court against the land acquisition in the Rauza-Yaqubpur village.

The Greater Noida Authority acquired around 468 hectares of land in Rauza-Yaqubpur village for industrial development, but later, the land was given to builders for the construction of residential accommodations.

The farmers accused the Greater Noida Authority of forcefully acquiring their lands.

Asserting Uttar Pradesh as a crime dominated landscape, Naqvi said Mayawati had misused her position to spread corruption.

"Mayawati has brought the state of Uttar Pradesh on the path of destruction. Since she came into power she has misused her position to spread corruption, ... and looted Uttar Pradesh and its people. Crime has been ruling the state. She had sloganeered urging people to crush the goons and stamp on the elephant (her party logo). All those goons have climbed on the elephant (Pun)," said Naqvi.

In another jolt to Noida Extension builders, the Allahabad High Court on Tuesday annulled the land acquisition of Patwari and Dewla villages of the state.

The high court quashed acquisition of 589 hectares of land in the Greater Noida for Industrial development.

Several projects would be affected if High Court quashes the land acquisitions in the Rauza-Yaqubpur village. The projects of several builders, including Supertech, Amrapali, Ajnara, Arihant, and Patel have already affected following the Allahabad High Court and Supreme court decision.

Whereas Naqvi also showed his support towards Telangana and said that the party is in full support of Telangana and attacked (United Progressive Alliance) UPA for betraying people.

"We are in favour of Telangana and it should be created. We have supported the cause since the beginning but the way the Congress and UPA government has betrayed the people of Telangana. It is a crime and a sin," said Naqvi

33 pro-Telangana lawmakers and legislators had recently tendered masse resignations to press their demand for a separate state.

The four-decade-old demand for Telangana, which is to be carved out of the economically less developed part of Andhra Pradesh, gathered momentum last year, after the federal government led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Congress Party, accepted the demand in principle.

However, the decision triggered a backlash from those opposed to the breaking up of a politically important state of Andhra Pradesh, which sends the highest number of lawmakers from southern India to the Indian Parliament, forcing the ruling Congress-led coalition to backtrack.

The demand for the separate state led to violent protests and exhibition of political power play in the past, with more than 300 people being killed between 1969 and 1972.

Life was brought to a near halt during 2009-2010 due to several protests and shutdowns as pro-Telangana activists persisted with their demand.


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