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Anna's supporters in UP protest outside residences of their lawmakers

August 21, 2011 - Kanpur

Supporters of veteran social activist Anna Hazare staged a protest outside the residence of Coal Minister Sri Prakash Jaiswal in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur city on Sunday and made an appeal to the government to take concrete steps to tackle with the prevailing corruption in the country.

"We are protesting before Coal Minister Sri Prakash Jaiswal's house and through him we want to deliver a message to the government that why so much of atrocities are being committed on the people of their constituency. There is too much corruption and they have made a machine of minting money in the centre and they are calling us mad," said Pramod Tiwari, protestor.

"We are supporters of Anna Hazare. On the stage it was heard that the supporters of Hazare indulge only in talks," he added.

Similar protests were witnessed in front of the residence of Pradeep Jain, who is a lawmaker of the ruling Congress Party from Uttar Pradesh's Jhansi city.

"Today we have gathered in front of the house of famous member of parliament from Jhansi, Pradeep Jain, we are confused and we don't know what all is happening. Rahul Gandhi use to talk about the development of the nation, the corruption issue and he use to talk about building a strong nation and he himself is missing today," said Ram Kumar, a protestor.

"We have gathered here to talk to our MP. We simply want to tell him whichever party is there they should talk about honesty, build a corruption free nation and support Anna Hazare. We are demonstrating in a peaceful manner," he added.

In a bid to step up pressure on the government to break the impasse and enforce the Bill, Hazare earlier in the day appealed to his supporters to hold non-violent protests outside the residences of their local lawmakers across the country.I appeal to all the people of the country, please go and hold peaceful protests outside the residences of your local legislators and lawmakers. Everyone must agitate in front of the residence of the local lawmakers in their area and persuade them to pass the Lokpal Bill in the Parliament," said Hazare.

The 74-year-old social activist is on a fast-unto-death protest along with thousands of his supporters at New Delhi's Ramlila Maidan for a strong Lokpal Bill.


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