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Anna's serial threat to strike dented his anti-graft movement: Omar Abdullah

December 30, 2011 - Srinagar

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Thursday said Anna Hazare's repeated threats of hunger strikes and agitations have been detrimental to the popularity of the veteran social activist's movement.

"While the mission that Anna Hazare set out on was a very valid one, constant threats are not something that people take very kindly to. Let's not forget, that in his entire lifetime of struggling for India's independence, Mahatma Gandhi only went on five hunger strikes. In the last one year alone, Anna Hazare has gone on three," he told the media here.

Abdullah was also critical of the fact that Hazare's movement seemed to have acquired a political agenda, that of targeting the leadership of the ruling Congress Party.

"Anna Hazare did indeed start a fight against graft, but now it looks like his movement is against the Congress, especially against Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, which the people of this country have begun to realise. If he wants to fight graft, he must do just that, why must he target a political party?" he said.

Anna Hazare, who called up his three-day token fast for a strong Lokpal Bill in Mumbai on Wednesday, has threatened the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government that he would campaign against the latter in five poll-bound states for not brining a strong and an effective anti-graft bill.

The Jan Lokpal bill drafted by the civil society members led by Hazare had envisaged the setting up of a national anti-corruption watchdog to check financial mismanagement and corrupt practices that have deeply pervaded several democratic and civic institutions of India.


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