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United States not to intervene on Kashmir, says US officials

October 26, 2010 - New Delhi

Senior United States officials on Monday reiterated the U.S. policy of no intervention on the Kashmir issue while stating that it was for India and Pakistan to resolve the conflict.

"The US policy on Kashmir has been very clear for many years. The conflict in Kashmir is part of discussions between India and Pakistan, and not an issue for the US and other countries to take role," said a top US official in New Delhi.

India has always described Kashmir as a bilateral issue and dismissed any suggestion of any third party's role in resolving the issue.

India's relations with Pakistan suffered a major setback due to the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008 when Pakistani militants crossed over to India's financial hub and killed 166 people.

Addressing India's concerns over the cross border terrorism originating from Pakistan, the US officials said Washington is aware of India's concerns.

"Pakistan is an important ally in the war against terrorism and we are constantly asking them do more on the counter-terrorism front," said a US official reacting to a question by media persons over India's worries about the huge U.S. military-aid being misused by the Pakistan.

The official also said China and it presence in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir will be among the agenda of discussion between the two countries during the forthcoming visit of the US President.

"US wants India to have positive relations with China and US and India have common concerns with respect to China," said an official.

According the US officials, defence, climate change, science and technology, education, health, clean energy, trade, market access, and high-tech exports were on Obama's priority list during the forthcoming visit.

Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh was Obama's first official state visitor in November 2009, and now Obama has planned a return visit to New Delhi starting from 5th November this year. By Ankit Tyagi


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