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South Korean cyclist on peace mission reaches Bodhgaya

December 25, 2010 - Bodhgaya

A South Korean cyclist, who is on a world tour to spread the message of 'World Peace', arrived here on Saturday.

Wangse, the South Korean cyclist started his journey in September 2007, and passed through several Asian nations like China, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia and several others before reaching India.

"I started my travel in 2007 September, so now it is about more than three years. I passed seven nations," said Wangse.

The motto behind this tour is to learn about different cultures across nations and work for the cause of poor people.

"Beside being famous, it would be easy to help them (poor people) better than now. So, I want to be a little bit famous and also experience whole different things all over the world," added Wangse.

Wangse is set to pass through several Indian cities before reaching Pakistan via Nepal.

His tour would take another three years to reach its final destination that is Australia.


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