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Sania Mirza Joins Aide et Action South Asia’s Launch of Punni Ki Kahaniyan- asks Young Indians to Stand for Values of Diversity Which India Stood.

October 26, 2010 - Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

India’s youth icon and symbol of diversity Sania Mirza gave a call to young Indians to stand for values of multiculturalism during the launch of “Punni Ki Kahaniyan” a video produced by Aide et Action International South Asia. Amidst thunderous cheers of over 1500 children from 35 schools, she said that India is a great country and it makes her proud whenever she wins a medal for the country. “I travelled all around the world and met all kinds of people, different colour, and different religion and to me that is the great thing about sports. There is no boundary to religion, to countries, to color discrimination”, said Sania

“All of us are individuals. We are all people and we are important. But we also have a lot in common with other people. We are all different. So all of us in our different way can get up and make a way for a nice country. And that is why, I want you all to think as boys and girls and as Indians and join together to celebrate multiculturalism”, said Mr. Rajiva Wijesinha, Member of Parliament and former Secretary General, Peace Secretariat, Sri Lanka.

‘Punni ki Kahaniyan’ is a short film produced by Aide et Action International (AEAI) South Asia and Yavanika films, to promote cultural harmony among children. The 18-minute film is aimed at school-going urban and rural children in the age group of eight to 18 years. It depicts various issues that touch children’s lives such as bullying and ragging in school, class and culture divide, religious distinctions and individuality versus herd mentality. ‘Punni’ is an animated character that acts both a narrator and observer, sometimes voicing the thoughts going through the young audience’s mind; at other times, pointing out insensitivity in a way that children can relate to both the context and its application. The Animation for Change (AfC) is a unique project in which animation films and games are used to help children imbibe values of ethnic and cultural harmony, respect for co-existence, and protection of our environment and ecology.

Ravi Pratap Singh, Regional Director, AEAI South Asia, mentioned that it is time that NGOs, Media and Corporate come together to promote peace education among young population of the country in the light of violence, hatred and discrimination that has crept into public lives. Dr.Ganesh Devy noted educationist and writer asked children to understand and respect rich diversity and culture of India. S S Jaideep, Regional Manager, AEAI South Asia Hyderabad region, welcomed Punni to Andhra Pradesh. He also mentioned that educational video like this one should help children to overcome sectarian thoughts and ideology. R.P Patnaik noted music director enthralled children by singing a tune from his latest film and called children to face challenges by grit and determination. Sriram Bharatam CEO Iridium and Kauffman awardee for social entrepreneurial contribution has called children for new thinking while choosing their careers as world is changing fast in the light of digital revolution that is reducing barriers of time and distance.

Involve the children beyond the event

Additionally, AEAI-SA volunteers, along with school teachers and participating agencies will carry out an audience research analysis. Responses of the children during and after the screening will be monitored and noted. This is intended to generate feedback and debate among children.

The audience research analysis will also help us determine the factors that change and shape the attitude and behaviour of children.

Punni is available on Facebook for everyone to post stories from day to day lives and interacts with one and all.

Punni reached

The film has been screened at schools at Hyderabad, Delhi, Patna, Bhopal, Jaipur and Patna covering both private and government run schools in different states, holding screenings and discussions about the film and the importance of multiculturalism. In case of private schools, the objective is to persuade the school administration to screen the film for children on regular basis. In pursuit of these efforts, national daily The Hindu has partnered with AEAI to reach out to more children in Hyderabad. Iridium Interactive an internet based company had come forward to run campaign on social media partner.

AEAI South Asia is part of the Aide et Action (AEAI), a secular, apolitical, not-for-profit and non- governmental organisation, founded in 1981 in Paris, France. We work to empower marginalised communities through education and are committed to providing quality education for all.

To view the picture of Sania Mirza, please click on the link below:
Sania Mirza

Vishy – Head Communication, Aide et Action, +919440801759

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