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People face severe water crisis in Ranchi

December 25, 2010 - Ranchi

People in Ranchi are facing severe water crisis due to the bad climatic condition and drought like situation in the region.

Nitish Priyadarshi, an environmentalist, said that due to continuous drought from the past two years and shortage of water in the dams the water crisis has surfaced in the region.

"There is continuous drought from last two years. Last year also there was no rain and this year too. Due to that there was no storage of water in dams and this situation has occurred after almost forty years. The water level has never gone so down," said Priyadarshi.

"So, we are trying to figure out what we can do with water crisis; three days water supply in a week and we will see further what will be the situation. Accordingly we will act," he added.

Extensive deforestation, urbanisation and industrialisation have led to scanty rainfall because of which the water level of the region has gone down over the years.

Ramprit Yadav, a resident, said if people would get water once in three days, they would be forced to die.

"We are facing lot of trouble because of water crisis. There is a small tap for water supply and the population of this area is around ten thousand. We get water by filling our vessels from here. Now, we are getting water once in four to three days," said Yadav.

"In big colonies people have water tanks in which they store water but here we fill water in the morning then consume it in the evening," he added.


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