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Manipur promotes unity, oneness through Imphal national integration camp

December 7, 2010 - Imphal

Manipur capital Imphal recently played host to a national integration camp, which aimed to promote unity and oneness among youth of different regions across the country.

Over 150 young performers from Assam, Bihar, Arunachal, Tripura, Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur participated in the five-day long camp.

The Nehru Yuva Kendra, Imphal, organized the event that promoted teamwork and brought youth together by raising awareness about cultures of other regions.

"We need this national integration camp, as there is a real need of interchanging our cultures and traditions with others if we want to be united and stay together," said one of the participants.

"Such events help us learn more about other regions and stay united. It teaches us how to stay together as a community," said S. Bobby Devi, a participant.

Many participants visiting Manipur for the first time were overwhelmed by the hospitality of the local people.

"Before I was coming here, many people asked me to not go to Manipur, but I wanted to visit the region and I found that people are nice," said Ruchit Kumari, a participant from Bihar.

Many cultural shows like traditional Manipuri martial arts, Bishenpuriya dance, traditional Naga dance, interaction programs, and quizzes were organized for the participants.

A knit India exhibition was also organized to promote local artisans of the state.

The participants had a wonderful time staying at the youth hostels with fellow members from other states.

"This camp is like different flowers gathered together in same vase. Such events help us to know each other well and live in peaceful coexistence," said Dilij Jah, a participant from Nagaland.

"People from different states like Tripura, Bihar and Nagaland have come here to participate here. And I have learnt many things from my fellow participants," added Dameichung, a participant from Manipur.

Following the decline of militancy in the northeast, attempts are being made to bridge the cultural gap between the northeast and rest of the country through cultural shows, staging of plays, rock concerts, craft fairs and student exchange programs.

Such camps help the youth of our country realize that it is this variety within an otherwise unified social fabric, which is a special hallmark of India.


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