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Manipur Govt. provides monetary assistance to orphaned children

December 25, 2010 - Imphal

Manipur Government has initiated a scheme of extending monetary assistance to those children, who are orphaned due to militancy in the region.

In order to expedite financial assistance to the deserving children of Manipur affected by the extremist violence, each of these children would be given Rs 9.000 from a project named 'Assist' funded by the National Foundation for Communal Harmony (NFCH).

Over half a dozen such beneficiaries were given cash grants at a solemn function here on Saturday.

M Lakshmikumar Singh, Commissioner of Imphal East District, termed the scheme mooted by the Union Home Ministry as a wise step in mitigating the hardships faced by the innocent victims of militancy.

"This is a very good award given by the foundation under the Ministry of Home Affairs. We would like to popularise this scheme so that the victim's families may avail the financial benefit under the foundation award. So, as much as possible, we would like to bring in more and more people under the award, under the scheme so that the families may get the benefit," said M Lakshmikumar Singh.

The NFCH functions under the Union Home Ministry.

Speaking on the occasion, Lakshmikumar Singh mentioned that officials of NFCH had recently visited Imphal and discussed with the state officials on certain modalities of enhancing this monthly grant to the beneficiaries

Kulajit Singh, one of the beneficiaries said that he would use the cash grant for his future studies.

"I feel very free because I have some money of my own, I would be...and I will be going to the next class," said Kulajit Singh.


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