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Kith, Kin of arrested UNLF chairman demand his whereabouts

November 14, 2010 - Imphal

Family members and supporters of the United National Liberation Front (UNLF) chairman, R K Meghen alias Sanayaima who was arrested in Bangladesh demonstrated here on Sunday and demanded an inquiry into his whereabouts.

Newspaper offices in Imphal received e-mails on R. K. Meghen's arrest by a combined team of Bangladesh Intelligence officials and RAW officials from India on the outskirts of Dhaka on September 29.

Brinda, Meghan's daughter-in-law, also participated in the demonstration and demanded that both the governments should give a concrete statement.

"A human being, a person has been arrested in Bangladesh and it has been reported that he has been deported to India and whereas government of India has been denying it. So, whether they are denying it or accepting it they should come out with a substantial statement where he is. Because whatever that comes after that, it will be taken in accordance with the law of the land," said Brinda.

"We do not have any problem with that. What we want them to do is to be in touch with Bangladesh government and come out with a concrete statement," she added.

Onlookers also came out in full support and said that they wanted information about Meghan's whereabouts at the earliest.

"We, Chico of Yaiskul youths have organized this protest with the participation of elders and women folk. And local residents of Sawaijam Leirak, Hiruhanba Leika and Chingakham Leirak have jointly organised and we are demanding to the Government of India and the Government of Manipur, to bring out Meghen at the earliest, and give concrete information of his whereabouts," S. Budhi Singh, a resident of Yaiskul.

Brinda also said that this is against human rights and the authorities should disclose necessary information about him.

Earlier on Monday, Union Home Secretary G K Pillai said that India does not have any information on the arrest of Meghen so far.

Pillai had also said that India would hold talks with Bangladesh after fully ascertaining the facts about the arrest of the top militant.


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