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Heavy snowfall in Europe hampers Jaipur tourism

December 25, 2010 - Jaipur

Heavy snowfall in Europe has hit the tourism industry in Jaipur, as around 70 percent of tourists from the European nations have cancelled their bookings in hotels and allied arrangements with travel agents due to the bad weather.

However, as most of the airports in United Kingdom, Germany, France and many other European countries are experiencing heavy snowfall, the flights have been either cancelled or delayed.

In turn these India-bound tourists have cancelled their bookings in hotels and allied arrangements with travel agents.

Consequently, there has been 30 to 35 percent cancellation in the bookings registered by the travel agents and hoteliers.

"I feel that this will directly affect tourism. Due to snowfall in the Europe continent, almost 1300 flights have been cancelled and this will affect tourism because tourist season is mainly after December 20," said Rajesh Soni, a travel agent.

"There are domestic tourists as well but mostly foreign tourists come to Jaipur. But due to snowfall, 30 to 35 percent of bookings of hoteliers and travel agents have been cancelled," he added.

European tourists said, they are facing problems in travelling to other countries as most of the flights have been cancelled.

"It was awful really because we should have travelled to Delhi on Sunday. Heathrow Airport has been closed for days. We had to go to Helsinki, so we travelled from Manchester to Helsinki and Helsinki to Delhi, three days late," said Richard, a tourist from United Kingdom.


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