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Assamese photographer launches book on different roles of women

December 25, 2010 - New Delhi

Moshumee Katkootia Jha, an actress turned photographer, recently launched her maiden book " 'Ananya' - her journey through life" in which she has documented different roles a women plays during her life.

" 'Ananya' - her journey through life" is compilation of Moshumee's photographs on women as she sees them.

Moshumee has been to the remotest corners of the country to collect pictures for her project.

Her book aims to showcase the inner strength and courage of a woman while she plays different roles like that of a mother, sister or wife.

"We should respect the girl child as a woman as a mother, as a wife or in any other role. We should recognize their contribution and support them so that they can blossom like lovely flowers," said Moshumee.

An Assamese by origin, Moshumee has been associated with theatre for a very long time. She has played the lead roles in several Assamese films and one of them was selected for a national award.

Moshumee's association with media has not been restricted to just films; she was also a newsreader for a national channel.

Mother to two young kids, Moshumee is an active member of Assamese society in Delhi and contributes towards the development of Assamese people in Delhi in every possible way.

Moshumee believes that there is respect for those from the northeastern region, across the country and with changing times the cultural gap is being bridged.

"I did not just want to stick to the Assamese culture and always wanted to learn more and more. In my initial days in Delhi, I would go to my Punjabi friends and learn their dishes and about their culture and what I found that they were also equally interested in my culture," said Moshumee.

Moshumee believes that the decline of militancy in Assam has promoted all round development in the region.

The change has opened up doors for the youth to showcase their skills and talents.

"I am a part of Assamese society in Gurgaon and this is one forum where I meet Assamese people coming from different walks of life like doctors, engineers, NRI's who are turning back to their country to serve their motherland. I think that people from Assam have made big but still there is a long way to go," said Moshumee.

Moshumee also believes that the Northeast is a culturally rich and vibrant region and there is a lot that still remains to be explored.


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