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Airlines take the Lead: All domestic Fares Online in New, Friendly Format

December 7, 2010 - New Delhi, Delhi, India

Member airlines have decided to publish different fare levels for each route, the Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA) said today. The declaration came following an FIA-facilitated joint discussion among representatives of member airlines.

The FIA members include Air India Ltd., GoAir, IndiGo, Jet Airways, JetLite, Kingfisher Airlines, Paramount Airways and SpiceJet .

On the first day of each month, airlines will furnish a copy of the tariff they would charge, route-wise, across their network to DGCA and also provide the same information on their websites.

Over the past few weeks, fares charged by airlines on domestic routes have come into focus and have been the subject of debate and discussion amongst various stakeholders. While the FIA is an industry association dealing with issues impacting aviation, it does not, as a matter of principle, discuss fares or pricing-related issues. However, keeping in mind that its members have the interests and welfare of the consumer at heart, the Federation took a lead in organising a meeting to agree on the principle of the presentation.

All FIA members have decided that they will make available the fare-related information in a consumer-friendly format. Effective 10pm today, the eight FIA members’ websites will display tariff sheets indicating the range of fares on all routes. The new format will enable passengers to see online the various fares offered by each member airline on every single route.

Today, as Indian aviation stands on the cusp of a new growth trajectory, consumers are key stakeholders and the FIA and its member airlines are committed to ensure their interests receive due consideration, in a transparent manner.

This proactive move by the airlines to make available fare-information in a better and lucid format is in line with the stated position of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the DGCA. FIA and its member airlines are committed to ensure that passengers are kept informed at all times about the current fares in force.

The aviation sector is a key contributor to India’s economic development. The FIA and its members look forward to working closely with the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Government so that the ensuing policy framework and taxation regime for aviation addresses the unique challenges confronting the industry in the country today. A rational and progressive look at the current taxation levels on aviation turbine fuel, airport charges, efficiencies in air traffic management, incentives and steps to alleviate pilot shortages will go a long way in ensuring stable and sustained domestic growth. In the long run, cost efficiencies that accrue from such a regime can easily benefit passengers. Any lowering of costs of operations for the airlines will enable airlines to continue to offer low fares to the travelling public.

Source: Business Wire India


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