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Massachusetts bans paninkiller Zohydro

March 28, 2014 - Springfield, MA

  • The State of Massachusetts has blocked sale of opioid paninkiller Zohydro
  • Zohydro ER is a controversial painkiller from San Diego's Zogenix, is U.S. approved
  • Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announced the ban of Zohyrdo in his speech Thursday declaring a public health emergency. The ban applies to hydrocodone-only medication that does not contain abuse deterrent technology. Drugs like Vicodin which contains formulations of hydrocodone with acetaminophen are not affected by the ban.
  • The ban has stemmed from the abuse of opioids
  • The ban on Zohydro was criticized by Zogenix who called it an "unprecedented action." It said that the ban will hurt patients and will do nothing to relive opiod abuse crisis in the State.
  • Federal Food and Drug Administration has approved Zohydro in U.S. last year.
  • Zohydro is an extended form of hydrocodone and does not contain acetaminophen. Zogenix said that the ban Zohydro will force patients to rely on alternatives containing acetaminophen which has a high risk of liver damage.
  • Critics say that Zoyhdro will be a draw for addicts looking for an easy fix

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