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Health News on May 24, 2012

Incidence of kidney stones doubles in wake of obesity epidemic
A new study has revealed that the number of Americans suffering from kidney stones between 2007 and 2010 has nearly doubled since 1994. ANI

Fever during pregnancy more than doubles risk of autism or developmental delay
Mothers who had fevers during their pregnancies are more than twice as likely to have a child with autism or developmental delay than mothers who have no such condition, researchers have found. ANI

Bright-coloured chips can cut consumption by half
Adding a few bright-coloured chips to a stack of snacks can cut the amount people eat by up to 50 percent, say researchers. ANI

Common acne medication can double risk of eye infections
Millions of teenagers who suffer from acne take popular prescription medications such as Accutane or Roaccutane to deal with the embarrassing skin blemishes. ANI

Infants' bodies 'absorb softening agent in PVC floors'
A common PVC softening agent may enter infant's body via ingestion or breathing, according to a new study. ANI

Tight jeans 'may jeopardize health'
Doctors have cautioned that the stubborn butt-squeezing, thigh-hugging denims could be too hard on our health and can cause nerve damage. ANI

Anti-inflammatory drugs may up survival from severe malaria
A new anti-inflammatory drug could help boost survival in the most severe cases of malaria by preventing the immune system from causing irreversible brain and tissue damage, according to the researchers. ANI

C- section delivery may double childhood obesity risk
Babies, who are born by caesarean section, may be twice more likely to face the risk of obesity as compared to infants delivered vaginally, according to a new study. ANI

Calcium pills 'may double heart attack risk'
Calcium supplements may increase the risk of having a heart attack by two-fold and should be 'taken with caution', researchers say. ANI

Can't resist fatty foods? Blame it on your genes
Researchers say people with variations in certain "obesity genes" tend to eat more meals and snacks, consume more calories per day and often choose the same types of high fat, and sugary foods. ANI

Vitamin D insufficiency in mothers may lead to chubbier kids
Children tend to have more body fat during childhood if their mother has low levels of Vitamin D during pregnancy, a new study has revealed. ANI

U.S. body to co-sponsor international workshop on acute encephalitis in Lucknow
More than 80 experts will participate in a three-day workshop on Acute Encephalitis at the Sanjay Gandhi Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences in Lucknow, which begins today. ANI

IUDs more effective than birth control pills, patches and vaginal rings
Long-acting reversible contraception like intrauterine devices and progestin implants can prevent unwanted pregnancy up to 20 times better than birth control pills, patches and vaginal rings, according to a study. ANI

Why 'miracle diet' could be key to beat epileptic seizures
For decades, neurologists have known that a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet can reduce drug resistant epileptic seizures. ANI

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