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Health News on May 1, 2012

New surgical procedure cuts high blood pressure better than drugs
A simple surgical procedure can help those with resistant hypertension to control their high blood pressure. ANI

Prenatal exposure to insecticide chlorpyrifos may alter infants' brain structure
A new brain imaging study has revealed that even low to moderate levels of exposure to the insecticide chlorpyrifos during pregnancy may lead to long-term, potentially irreversible changes in the brain structure of the child.he changes in brain structure are consistent with cognitive deficits found in children exposed to this chemical. ANI

'Brake gene' switched off in pancreatic cancer
Researchers have explored a new class of drugs, which may bring treatment of aggressive pancreatic tumours closer to reality. ANI

Fast-acting anti-impotence drug could be potential Viagra rival
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new erectile dysfunction drug that reportedly works in less than 15 minutes. ANI

Keeping fruits close and veggies closer may up intake among college students
When fruits and vegetables are within arm's reach, students are more likely to eat them, according to a new study. ANI

Sleeping more than 8 hours a night may help you stay slim
Adding a few hours sleep to your night may prevent you from gaining weight. ANI

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