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Health News on March 24, 2012

Now, 'scleral' contact lenses to treat extremely dry eyes
Extreme cases of dry eyes could now be treated with innovative wide-diameter "scleral" contact lenses that can be prescribed by an optometrist. ANI

Tuberculosis still prevalent especially in areas with high HIV rates
Tuberculosis continues to remain a deadly threat worldwide, particularly in places with high HIV rates. ANI

Hospital stay could double memory decline in seniors
Older adults over 65 who are hospitalised could wind up with a new set of memory problems following their visit, suggests a new study. ANI

Extra counselling 'doesn't help smokers kick the butt'
Offering free nicotine patches or intensive counselling may not help smokers quit the habit, says researchers. ANI

Middle class kids at greater risk of being harmed from Internet use
Middle-class children are more likely to be harmed by internet use than those in poorer households, a researcher has warned. ANI

1.8 bln people still drinking contaminated water
Recent widespread news coverage indicated the success of a United Nations' goal of significantly improving access to safe drinking water around the world. ANI

Brit's top food brands slashing calories in fat war
As part of a war on obesity, Britain's biggest food brands are going on a "diet" - cutting their calorie count. ANI

Obesity can increase risk of breast cancer recurrence
Researchers have found that women who are overweight or obese when they are diagnosed with breast cancer are at higher risk of cancer recurrence or related death than leaner women. ANI

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