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Health News on June 27, 2012

Healthy eating advice for new mums may help cut child obesity
Educating new mothers about healthy eating and active play can help cut the risk of their child being overweight or obese, a new study has revealed. ANI

Pistachios can protect your heart during acute stress
Scientists say eating a handful of pistachio nuts a day can help reduce the damage done to the body by acute stress. ANI

Low carb diets best bet to achieve lasting weight loss
A new study has found diets that reduce the surge in blood sugar after a meal-either low-glycemic index or very-low carbohydrate-may be preferable to a low-fat diet for those trying to achieve lasting weight loss. ANI

Atkins-style diets may up risk of cardiovascular disease
Women who regularly eat a low carbohydrate, high protein diet are at greater risk of cardiovascular disease (such as heart disease and stroke) than those who do not, researchers have warned. ANI

Omega-3 fatty acid and turmeric help spinal cord heal itself
Taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements and turmeric, an Indian curry spice, may benefit people with spinal-cord injury. ANI

Moderate coffee intake provides protection against heart failure
The effect of coffee consumption on human health has been a conflicting subject among experts. ANI

Touch therapy 'helps reduce pain and nausea in cancer patients'
Researchers found that patients had significant improvement in side effects of cancer treatment following just one Jin Shin Jyutsu session, which is an ancient form of touch therapy similar to acupuncture in philosophy. ANI

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