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Health News on June 25, 2012

'Active' video games offer no physical benefits to kids
Many parents may think that active video games such as Wii FIt Balanceare are an easy solution to getting their kids off the couch, but a new study has found no physical benefits for children from these activities. ANI

Timing of ADHD medication affects academic performance in kids
Researchers have found a correlation between the age at which children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) begin taking medication, and how well they perform on standardized tests, particularly in math. ANI

Carrots bad for rabbits!
Pet owners are being told not to feed carrots to their rabbits due to their high sugar content. ANI

Even mild physical activity may cut breast cancer risk
Physical activity - either mild or intense and before or after menopause - may reduce breast cancer risk, but substantial weight gain may negate these benefits - a new analysis has found. ANI

'Severe' food allergies in young kids more common than thought
Young children with allergies to milk and egg experience an unexpectedly high number of reactions to these and other foods, researchers at National Jewish Health have found. ANI

Breast cancer sufferer used 'curry spices' to combat disease
A breast cancer sufferer, who turned down a powerful drug and used a special low fat diet including curry spices to combat the disease, is at the centre of a research project to study how lifestyle can be used to help other victims of the disease. ANI

Testosterone jab helps obese men trim waistline
A simple injection offers hope against obesity as it can cut 3.5ins from the waistlines of overweight middle-aged men, researchers say. ANI

Viruses target gut microbes and affect human health
Scientists have analyzed a bacterial immune system and revealed a common set of viruses that attack good bacteria in the human gut. ANI

2 glasses of wine per day may help improve quality of life
A new study has shown a positive relation between regular moderate alcohol intake and quality of life in middle-aged adults. ANI

Face reveals 'great deal about your health'
An individual's face not only gives nonverbal signals about someone's true well-being from unconscious facial expressions, but the state of their skin reveals a great deal about what's going on inside, both physically and emotionally. ANI

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