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Health News on July 3, 2012

Angry teens may be suffering from intermittent explosive disorder
One in 12 adolescents have such a short temper that they could be suffering from IED - intermittent explosive disorder, according to psychologists. ANI

5 or more cups of coffee per day cuts IVF success chance by 50 pc
Women who drink five or more cups of coffee a day severely reduce their chance of success from IVF treatment, according to Danish researchers. ANI

Smoking increases risk of ectopic pregnancy
Cigarette smoking reduces the production of a Fallopian tube gene known as "BAD," increasing the risk of ectopic pregnancy, a new study has warned. ANI

World's first 'nutritional' pizza made in Scotland
A Scottish nutritionist joined forces with an entrepreneur to produce what they claim are the first nutritionally balanced pizzas. ANI

Physical activity necessary to reap benefits of dietary restriction
A new study by Indian origin researchers has argued that simply restricting nutrients without physical activity may not be beneficial in humans. ANI

Farting may help cure high BP
Flatulence could help treat patients with high blood pressure, according to a new research. ANI

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