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Health News on July 1, 2012

Coffee may help slow age-related muscle deterioration
Caffeine boosts power in older muscles, and act as a stimulant to aid elderly people maintain their strength, reducing the incidence of falls and injuries, a new study has suggested. ANI

Skipping breakfast can lead to more weight gain
Individuals, who skip breakfast, have been found to weigh more and have other unhealthy habits than those who take their breakfast, according to researchers. ANI

Seafood 'may cut heart attack risk by 50pc'
Including one portion of seafood in your weekly diet may halve the chances of suffering a heart attack, it has been revealed. ANI

Doubts cast over safety of common antidepressant drug
A warning has been sounded over antidepressant drugs, which has been found to increase the risk of heart problems and cause sudden death. ANI

Successful dieters marked by appetite-regulating hormones ratio
Researchers have found that a pre-diet measurement of two hormones related to weight regulation can help predict which dieters will be more likely to maintain their weight loss and who will not. ANI

Exercise and dieting cuts heart disease risk in obese older adults
Adding exercise to a weight loss program like dieting has more benefit for obese older adults who want to reduce their chances of developing the metabolic syndrome, scientists say. ANI

Congested highways increase asthma risk
Living near a heavily congested highway correlates with a higher presence of asthma, a new study has revealed. ANI

Weight loss 'may boost low testosterone levels'
Weight loss can reduce the prevalence of low testosterone levels in overweight, middle-aged men with prediabetes by almost 50 percent, a new study has found. ANI

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