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Health News on January 2, 2012

Now, 2 pill pounds to help you lose weight naturally
An anti obesity pill, costing 2 pounds, can help women lose three times more weight than dieting alone when taken along with a healthy, balanced diet, researchers say. ANI

94pc of obese people in denial of their weight causing health issues
Almost a quarter of Britons are obese but a large number of them deny how badly their weight could be affecting their health, a new survey has found. ANI

Poor sleep aggravates health and behaviour problems in young diabetics
Young diabetics struggling to get a good night's sleep have worse control of their blood sugar, perform poorly in school and behave badly, a new study has found. ANI

Outside temperatures, sun exposure and gender play role in glaucoma risk
Age, gender and where you live may determine glaucoma risk, a new study has revealed. ANI

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