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Health News on January 15, 2012

14 new side effects found of widely prescribed swine flu drug Tamiflu
Thousands of people in Britain who took Tamiflu during the swine flu pandemic may have suffered a string of side-effects they were not warned about, it has been revealed. ANI

How to treat 'kissing' allergies
"Kissing" allergies, usually found in people suffering from food or drug allergies, can be treated, researchers say. ANI

Exponents slam New York Times' 'Yoga can damage your body' article
'Yoga can damage your body' article in the New York Times has thrown its exponents off-balance and outraged a 5illion dollars by saying that the keep fit regime is bad for the body. ANI

Dark chocolate and red wine 'the real food of love'
Dark chocolate and red wine have "positive components that are good for your heart", a new study has claimed. ANI

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