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Health News on January 13, 2012

Anti-depressants during pregnancy can risk high blood pressure in babies
Expecting mothers who take anti-depressants are more likely to give birth to children with persistent high blood pressure in the lungs. ANI

'Low fat diet is best' myth busted
Contrary to what most people think, low fat diets are not better and healthier than moderate or high fat diets, researchers say. ANI

Now, once-a-week jab can end misery of diabetics
A simple weekly jab can now end the torment of millions of diabetics, who at present take injections two times a day, researchers say. ANI

New therapies to replace damaged tissues come closer to reality
Researchers have now identified an important gene that plays a role in normal development of lungs and brain, which may lead to lead to new ways to replace damaged tissues in the lung and other organs with stem cells ANI

Love fatty foods? Blame your taste buds
Our taste buds can recognize fat and some people may even have a preference for it due to variation in genes that can make certain persons more or less receptive to the taste of fat in foods. ANI

Drug immune TB found in India sparks concern
A completely drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis has surfaced in the Indian city of Mumbai. ANI

Educating women about heart attacks may save lives
Educating women about heart attack symptoms and early warning signs of the disease may shorten the time to treatment and eventually cut risk of risk of death or grave disability, researchers say. ANI

Genes behind common muscular disease identified
Researchers have now identified the genes and proteins, which damage muscle cells, as well as the mechanisms that can cause a common form of muscular dystrophy. ANI

Grapes may help stave off age-related visual degeneration
Grapes provide more antioxidant protection for the eyes and may help prevent the onset of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a new study has found. ANI

A sausage a day ups pancreatic cancer risk by 20 pc
Consuming one sausage a day or two rashers of bacon raises the risk of having pancreatic cancer by a fifth, a new study has claimed. ANI

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