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Health News on February 5, 2012

Delhi, Mumbai campaign for cancer awareness
Observing World Cancer Day today, hundreds of people participated in rallies with an aim to create awareness among general masses through 'Cancer Awareness Campaigns' in New Delhi and Mumbai. ANI

Drinking 'little too much' alcohol triples mouth cancer risk
A TV advertising campaign has warned that regularly drinking two large glasses of wine or two strong pints of beer a day triples mouth cancer risk and doubles high blood pressure risk. ANI

Benefits of 1000 bottles of red wine could come from pill
Lovers of red wine were delighted when it was found to contain resveratrol - a compound supposed to improve health and maybe even lengthen life. ANI

Newly single women more vulnerable to STDs
Newly divorced middle-aged women are more susceptible to contract HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, a new study has warned. ANI

Feeling tempted? Just tell yourself you'll have that scrumptious treat later
If a doughnut, which you are not allowed to eat, is tempting you to break your diet, tell yourself you'll have a bite later - just don't spell out when, a new study has suggested ANI

India observes World Cancer Day
World Cancer Day was observed in India on Saturday, and saw the participation of cancer patients and locals in different events aimed at spreading a message of fighting against the deadly disease and to promote the undying spirit of life. ANI

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