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Health News on February 29, 2012

Rest and exercise 'equally effective on lower back pain'
Lower back pain caused by pathological changes in the bones of spine can be hard to treat and the presently recommended therapy of exercise and staying active usually does not help alleviate the pain. ANI

Nicotine quick-fix mouth spray 'could help kick the butt'
Nicotine spray may be the latest replacement therapy for those who want to quit smoking cigarettes, according to a new study. ANI

Most elderly Indians 'die from stroke'
Chronic diseases are becoming the main source of death in people over 65 in low- and middle-income nations, with stroke being the leading cause, a new study has revealed. ANI

Clean delivery kits helped reduce neonatal deaths in India
Use of clean delivery kits led to a substantial reduction in neonatal deaths in South Asia, with the largest fall seen in India, according to a recent study. ANI

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