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Health News on February 24, 2012

How Vitamin D reduces inflammations discovered
Specific molecular and signaling events have been discovered by which Vitamin D inhibits inflammation, researchers claim. ANI

'Chemical cosh' drug doubles death risk in dementia patients
Dementia patients who are given a "chemical cosh" drug are twice as likely to die compared with those taking other medications, experts have warned. ANI

Fast-food menu calorie counts 'not of much help to consumers'
The calorie listings on fast-food chain restaurant menus might meet federal labelling requirements but they don't do a good job at helping consumers who are trying to make healthy meal choices, a new study has claimed. ANI

Health benefits of smokeless nicotine agents questioned
Cigarette smoke has long been considered the main risk factor for heart disease, but a new study has found that nicotine itself can contribute to the disease process. ANI

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