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Health News on February 22, 2012

Too-tight belts, jeans and neckties can pose health risks
A variety of current fashion trends and clothing staples could land you in the doctor's office, experts have warned. ANI

Caffeine intake during breastfeeding may harm your baby
Drinking coffee, tea or eating chocolate while breastfeeding may lead to caffeine accumulation and symptoms such as wakefulness and irritability in babies, an expert has warned. ANI

Improper condom use becoming global health issue
Researchers have raised concern on the worldwide prevalence of improper condom use, such as not wearing it throughout sex or putting it on upside down. ANI

Environmental pollutant may up obesity risk
The levels of the environmental pollutant perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) that mothers have in their blood during pregnancy may increase the risk of obesity in their daughters, a new study has revealed. ANI

Depression may speed up aging process
Stress can lead to several damaging effects on the human body. ANI

Influenza vaccination during pregnancy can help prevent undersized babies
A new study has found that influenza vaccination of pregnant women appears to have a significant positive effect on birth weight in babies. ANI

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