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Health News on February 10, 2012

Loneliness in old age 'worse than smoking'
Smoking is bad for heath, but being lonely with no one to share your problems may be worse than cigarettes, according to a senior Downing Street adviser. ANI

Southampton Varsity identify key peptides that could lead to universal vaccine for influenza
Researchers at the University of Southampton, University of Oxford and Retroscreeen Virology Ltd have discovered a series of peptides, found on the internal structures of influenza viruses that could lead to the development of a universal vaccine for influenza, one that gives people immunity against all strains of the disease, including seasonal, avian, and swine flu. ANI

Pregnant women can undergo chemotherapy 'without harming baby'
Expecting mothers who suffer from cancer can finally breathe a sigh of relief as a recent study has found that chemotherapy treatment after the first trimester does not harm the unborn child. ANI

'Too posh to push' not always best for babies' health
A new research has challenged the widely held belief that a caesarean delivery has no health risks for the baby. ANI

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