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Dogs and Cats at home may make kids healthier

July 9, 2012 - Los Angeles

If you are pregnant, get a Cat or a Dog. New studies have showed that kids who grow up with cats or dogs are less likely to get respiratory infections during the first year of life. Researchers followed 397 children from pregnancy till they celebrated their first birthday. They found that those living with dogs developed 31 percent fewer respiratory tract symptoms and 44 percent fewer ear injections. 29 percent of the children needed fewer antibiotic prescriptions.

Researcher Eija Bergroth at the Kuopio University Hospital in Finland said that they are speculating that the dirt or soil brought by dogs inside the house may have strengthened the immune system of the infants. They have taken into account factors like those known that would affect the infants' infection rates, breast-feeding, number of siblings etc.

35 percent of the children in the study lives in homes with dogs, and 24 percent lived with cats. If this study doesn't convince you that dog is man's best friend, then what will?

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