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Health News on April 27, 2012

Early puberty puts girls at risk of psychological problems, early pregnancy
A new review co-authored by an Indian origin scientist has suggested that girls who start puberty very early are more likely to have psychological problems and be at risk of sexual abuse and early pregnancy. ANI

Why people's bodies react differently to high-fat diet
A diet rich in greasy foods leads to an imbalance in our gut flora - the bacteria that live in our digestive tract- researchers say. ANI

City centre residents 80 pc likelier to develop coronary artery calcification
People who live in city centres are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery calcification (CAC), which can lead to heart disease, than those living in less polluted urban and rural areas, a new study has found. ANI

Prenatal exposure to smoking may up autism risk in kids
Children born to mothers who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have high-functioning autism, such as Asperger's Disorder, preliminary findings from a study has revealed. ANI

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